Another Ridiculous Back Patting Ceremony

I’m watching another show of back patting & celebrity glorification.
The outgoing POTUS, honoring a group of individuals with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It was meant to honor exceptional civilian contributions. You can look it up via link -history on Presidential Medal of Freedom.
..not for being clever singers or athletes who broke backboards.
They already have chance to get recognition belly rubs with shiny plated toys like the Oscar, Emmy and the Stanley Cup, to name a few.


There is, however, one thing I can agree with. With the POTUS having received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing not a god damned apropos that he be the one bestowing honors upon, frankly, slightly above average folk who merely honed their talents for the sake of putting money in their pocket; the purposeful betterment of society, the furthest thing from most of their minds.

Yes, I scoped out a couple of individuals who deserved at least one medal-their conduct/actions being solid and admirable.
No, it was not Mr Gates nor his wife Melinda. I don’t have much time to explain why I don’t consider a founding prince of the tech age worthy of an award. I’ll place a link instead.
I will close with a reminder that the Presidential Medal of Freedom specifically addresses society of peoples living better. The evidence linking Melinda and Bill to the practice of forced sterilization, assembly line abortions and gunpoint vaccinations is NOTHING to be honored for. It spreads horror amongst helpless and poor folk who are being treated more like diseases to be catalogued and eliminated …not as human beings. It’s a Far flipping stretch from the snuggly, warm boo shaw we’re expected to choke down while watching these ridiculous and hollow ceremonies.

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