The True Perverts’ Snitch Hotline

The following is a statement from the governor of Utah’s office. It regards the anti porn law in effect in the state of Utah.
Paul Horner, a spokesman for the Governor’s Office, spoke to reporters about the fines and possible jail time involved with the new law.
“First time offenders will see fines of $100-$500, depending on the quantity of pornography or the amount of digital graphic content seized on the criminal’s computer. Repeat offenders can expect 30 days in jail or worse, depending on what type of pornography is found in the individual’s possession. Missionary style pornography will result in a fine or up to 30 days in jail, while pornography that involves any kind of homogayness, that being sodomy or Devil worshipping, will result in long-term prison sentences. Law enforcement will also be working closely with local ISPs and the NSAto monitor those who search out porn on the internet. We will win the war on porn and masturbation.”
It should enrage each and every individual with average common senses. Whether they consume pornographic material or not.
The hotline created to encourage people to report others for owning or viewing porn?…an absolute outrage. One can only pray that it’s jammed tight and eventually shut down due to outcries of fury..not buzzing with zealous perverts self righteous enough or mentally compromised enough to stick their nose into the private affairs of other human beings on such a degrading and humiliating level.

“The Governor’s Office, working together with local law enforcement, has setup a 24-hour ‘Anti-Porn Hotline’ to report individuals suspected of possessing pornography at 1-800-705-2464. You can remain anonymous.”

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