New Laws for a New Year

Lets hear it for the states and their brand new laws for a brand new year.
Let me know my state isn’t the only one where we’re further exposed to the filthy penetrating ogle of those who lord over us.
While it infuriates the ever living hell out of me- I appreciate the opportunity to vent in a more creative way, sarcastic as it may be. Besides, weren’t we all trained to say something if strangers were looking at what we considered to be private? It beats getting outraged and stressed over an obscene system that’s not going away anytime soon.
There’s no law against expressing disgust over bullying this time. Just give it time though, since our young are being trained to tolerate bullying by schools punishing victims as well.
- following link supplies Illinois’ new laws for 2017.
Every “little lady” should love the one where beauty salon techs and the like are required to be trained in detecting signs of abuse on a customer. Then, encouraged to direct the “victim” to The Authorities.
..As if we really need their beastly noses any further in. It’s hard enough asking folks to mind their own business in the first place. Never mind a nosy nail tech on the lookout to “save a sisters life.”
..As if we lost the drive or ability to seek help for ourselves in times of danger.
..As if we , as grown adults , can not be allowed to live our lives without their instructions. The “They”, (on top of the insulting All) who are just as damned and just as flawed as any one of us.
..As if they damned well owned us.

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