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One Thing to Start Addressing.

(Rewrite of original Dec. posting) There is a topic which many wouldn’t find appropriate to discuss during the holidays. The topic concerning “what’s going on with us on these days.” Some think it’s a “downer” topic that is better left alone until after the holidays, if not dropped all together. Some of it revolves around…

The Next Time I See You Again

The Next Time I See You Again I have that feeling that I’ll be a lovely and little old lady. Next time. Sitting at a bus stop. And You, you’ll be walking towards me as a fine and strong young Man. Under a dry white sun, with a finely freckled tan. With a rhythmic little…

DIY Christmas Holiday Decorations

30 DIY Christmas Garland Ideas for Inexpensive Holiday Decorations ( Make Paper Snowflakes (12 Best Free Templates!) – A Piece Of Rainbow Fun, Festive, and Unique DIY Christmas Tree Toppers ( DIY Christmas Centerpieces | 15 Cheap And Easy DIY Ideas | DIY Projects 41 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas (2020 Guide) (

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