In a Desert of Fools

Two things.

In the earlier days of reality tv, there was an experimental project by the name of “Manor House”.

Info on “Manor House”

A family and twelve volunteers set about recreating and living life as citizens in the sunset of Edwardian society.


The family= aristocratic ruling body.

The volunteers=servants subjected to 16 hour work days.

Bored of the GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) shows that infect our screens, I was drawn back to “Manor House”.

Being an eager history student, I was pleased to revisit a less crude production than its modern ‘successors’. At its core, it served an educational purpose. Better yet, it doesn’t reinforce disgusting stereotypes for our young to emulate-GIGO.

At the end, a simple quote caught my ear.
[regarding Edwardian society]
Mister Edgar – the Butler:
”….Without truth, society is sick, and it can’t really survive. ”


My hat’s off to “Mr. Edgar”.
It’s a simple quote, yet a profound truth.

Now, for the discovery I was led to-bringing us #2 of my aforementioned “two things”.

It’s about being an outcast within a world where the majority of citizens are the truer outcasts in matters of reason and ‘sane’ behavior.
Through this article, I found a much needed pep talk. It was a tight embrace of reassurance.
I will assume I’m not the only one who needed such a squeeze of the hand..saying all is quite alright. No matter how much insult we suffer from the idiotic authorities who lord over us..or the ridicule from the glassy eyed sheep that follow.
Come rest in the shade of Sofo Archon’s oasis. If you, like myself, have found yourself parched and tormented in a vast desert of fools..
Sofo Archon’s words are here to read


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