Turning a Nasty Table

I suppose we’re all entitled to act the self righteous prick role, every once in a while. I’ve done it, albeit at a much younger age. Sometimes, when I felt the floor of debate buckling underneath me, a sarcastic sideswipe would “slip out”. We’re human. Things happen.
I don’t support a solid lifestyle of doing and being so. It’s especially unseemly when one is over the age of thirty or in a position of authority. Name calling and punk shots to someone’s intelligence are definitely an ugly habit that too many of us engage in.
Take the vaccination debate, for example. There is ample room for adult discussion on the boundaries of government and protecting society at large. There’s no need to declare people “ignorant”. It’s almost a shame, really, when you consider one parent being as nasty as possible to another parent-who loves his children just as much as any self righteous ‘accuser’ parent may love his.
There isn’t a shortage of obvious disrespect towards parents who choose an anti vaccine route, in major publications and minor blogs. As a matter of fact, there is a definite slant towards the “more sane” path of vaccination.
One example here…
Another example
One more..
There are even articles covering how to approach “anti-vaxxers”-as if they were children or special needs adults who were somehow incapable of understanding “obvious truths”.
I’m not here to argue for or against. I’ll write a little blurb on vaccines sooner or later.
I’m voicing pure disgust over the childish and nasty ways we are treating each other.
From top to lowest bottom, the impolite squawking and slandering of people’s reputations..is shameful. Once again, I’m presented with an opportunity to say a little something of our hypocritical natures. Only this time, I feel it better to approach this matter with a speculative twist.
I would love an opportunity to round up a good number of those who have raised their swords the highest in condemning those they deem “ignorant”, “dumb” and “paranoid.” We could have them comfortably seated while another crowd, equally fired up but with a different agenda, files into the room. Then the show could really begin.
First, I’d turn to those who feel the need to voice  objections, punctuated by the sarcastic scoffs on how ridiculous citizens would have to be to think our government would intentionally harm its citizens. I suspect a smirk would creep upon my face as I saw a good number of faces melt over exactly that kind of information.
Information contained within a ‘few” examples such
These uncovered governmental experiments
I feel the smirk would broaden into a  grin as more of them got hot under the collar. Not because of any miscalculations or misstatements of fact-but rather when they started hearing jeering over “How ridiculously naïve” or “plain dumb” they could possibly be to think, for one minute, their government would and has  given two damns over the lives ruined at their discretion. They would, of course, have to be reminded that it’s an institution, not just certain individuals, that we are speaking about.
Then, my attention would go to the really sassy lassies and lads who love to spout about how ignorant people are to “ignore solid science” or “proven facts.”
I could see a good number mocked for blindly and trusting those, such as the CDC, who have been known to be scandalously negligent on important matters….
Click here for Anthrax blunder
Since a lot of the self righteous ones tend to parallel the “anti vax” protestors with those who dispute the “indisputable facts” of global warming, I could truly dig experiencing them getting the same kind of rude treatment after a few folk gave them “what’s what” on the broader range of truth concerning those original predictors concerning our global doom…
Click here for the global warming scandal
..then a little to top it off.
My word.

You could just hear the remarks, can’t you? As the red faced accusers and name callers squirmed in their seats, being asked if they bothered cracking open anything other than a Minecraft strategy guide within the last few years.
Never mind “discussion” over global warming
legislation and fraud
Once again, I’m not here to argue one way or another.
We can’t even muster enough class or adult temperance to refrain from treating each other like a pack of insulting playground brats..never mind get a grip on the issues which have been either torn from or surrendered over by..our own hands.

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