Most Willing to give a Damme

I thought I had to go to the ER, with the noise coming out of my mouth.
It seems like it was real laughter…πŸ˜„.
Now THIS is a show worth watching.

In my twenties, although Jean-Claude Van Damme was pretty ok in the looks dept., I appreciated the older man type with a little less flying limbs and macho bravado. I wasn’t a fan. Like millions worldwide, I was still very aware of his action hero status.
When I spied the Amazon pilot advert for “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”, I just couldn’t resist seeing what the brother’s up to.
What an impressive treat.
Scratch that. Joyful surprise, is more like it.
Clever writing, perfect timing and only the tiniest kernels of corn.
Hopefully, Christmas comes early and Amazon sets up a permanent home for this pilot.
You can watch the pilot here
Click here to watch ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’
An appreciative fan review

Read it here

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