Common Alien sense

 I couldn’t see things in front of my face, some times, if they were dipped in phosphorus powder.
Live and learn, right?
Take the UFO controversy. Believe or don’t believe… here comes a little bit of common sense figuring that  many of us should do.
If you subscribe to the theory that a secret and all powerful group of guys is running things “behind the scenes” without challenge or shame, then chances are likely you aren’t unfriendly to the notion of secrets being kept from us. UFO cover-ups are a common enough example of such secrets.
Now. If there is a belief that the Big Secret Guys  own and manipulate us on a grand scale, our media is usually thought to be the vehicle by which they best accomplish their so-called evil deeds. The topic of Big Guys pulling the strings of  government puppets.. Also standard fare.
If it is the same Big  Guys who own the networks  producing shows on the “unveiling” of a  government hiding truths on aliens….where’s the sense in believing what they have to “reveal”? How can we believe we’re getting tantalizing hints of what’s “really going on” via the very hands of the very same entities that we claim major distrust in?
There is no common sense in that direction of thinking. Not at all. Comically so-called Mega Mind Villains would have to be complete fools to uncover “top secrets” out in the open…for billions of eyes to see…from their own front yard.
(President Ronald Reagan, United Nations in 1987)
“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”
Just for extra credit

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