Cat Sense?


I’m allergic to their spittle and they look as if they’re up to no good twenty five hours a day. Correction, they are up to no good.

I have a few reasons why I don’t care for cats that much.

However, just because I don’t like them  doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the role they have played as one of mankind’s favorite animals.

Sometimes, I’ve even been struck by a poetic thought over how the terms “elegant” and “alluring” must have been created just for the cat.
I’d never insult anyone for being a cat lover. As a matter of fact, we have a couple of them in the family. I’d sooner throw myself in front of something very large and very fast than deny my child the furry beat of his heart. The cats are well loved.
Occasionally, I’m amused with things like those “all knowing” looks on their faces.
I  think about throwing together  a story about a  cat being smart enough to understand something really simple. Something like knowing that someone voicing an opinion is not an invitation to mock, challenge or berate him or her because of it. A simple common sense understanding, this cat would have,  about all humans being allowed to voice their opinions and thoughts without punishment. Or humiliation. Or fear of any sort.
It would make an interesting tale, to say the least-if a cat knew stuff like that.
I can’t think of much else that would be more interesting, at this moment.

Well, other than the day we finally understand and honor that fact, for ourselves . Now that would be something.

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