A Long Rant on Illegitimate Laws

A legitimate law or rule is timeless. If it has merit today, it will have merit tomorrow.
An illegitimate law means something one minute, is worthless the next.
A law broken means a person is being punished for breaking it. Punishments cause discomfort on varying levels-from being made to take a time out to the death penalty. To suffer everlasting damage from a law that’s no longer in existence is one of life’s sickest cruelties.
I  pray that we become  brave enough to cease being victim to illegitimate laws and the illegitimate lawmakers who dream them up.
It would be a first and most important step to reclaiming self ownership.
What a horror-the realization of some left crippled by punishment. When they look up and see others making their way through life unharmed, indulging in the same “infractions” they themselves were maimed over.
We justify many laws in the name of maintaining ‘civilization’. We don’t tend to argue against the laws seemingly meant to prevent harm to ourselves or others. When it’s our time to ‘pay’, we take our punishments and hobble on without much to say about them. No matter what is taken from or done to us, we seek solace by remembering why the law was established in the first place. If no solace is found , then there’s encouragement from the rest of the herd. If you happen to forget what is right, your neighbor will remember for you.
A law should only exist if it is relevant to each and every day of each and every year, for each and every individual.
A good example would be the laws on killing other human beings without just cause.
Bad examples? It would take too long to lay them all out. I’ll just tackle a law of censorship for now.
Once upon a time, the words we were allowed to say and actions allowed to enact, in media, were highly regulated. We had fictional married couples sleeping in separate bedrooms. If the couple were kissing on the same bed, one foot had to be on the floor. Women weren’t allowed to show their navel, on screen, if their bare midriff made an appearance. As silly as it may seem to us now, that’s how it was. It was  for the “greater good”. There was some kind of notion of not wishing to infect the young, or grown adults for that matter, with salacious thoughts. We wished to consider ourselves better than animals. So, many of us came to accept the “logic” of such law.
Click here for Hays Code censorship
Unless you’re a time traveler, you’re aware that things have changed drastically. I watched the return of a fall TV show recently. Within the first fifteen minutes there was:
-A young daughter giggling about a gift wrapped box of condoms given to her by her mother’s best friend. A wisecrack about small condoms was made and all were chuckling over the unspoken insinuations. I’m sure the image of small penises drifted through the audience minds-making many of them smirk as well.
-chunks of horse feces were shown to plop to the ground as a “funny” response to a character whispering into its ear.

This is a show which dedicated a good portion of a past episode on the term  “Truffle Butter”. Being closer to fifty than fifteen, I went online to see what the online Urban Dictionary had to say to clear up my confusion. I was stunned. My shock came from realizing that a subject so disgusting  could be considered remotely appropriate for an audience of ‘civilized’ human beings. Civilized human beings casually sharing this show with their children, on top of it all.
Before we get into a playground scuffle over my being invited to change channels, I will clarify that I do not condone censorship. I will, however, have something to say about parents who claim their children see no such things on a regular basis with them. This show was nominated for a Best New Show award in recent time..in a TEENS choice award ceremony. With or without us, they have been and are consuming the vilest of the vile. It’s a fact. But. That’s not the issue.
Years ago, people lost jobs, were judged and ostracized for failing to respect the morality laws of iron fisted regulations. Those who simply voiced support for artistic freedom could find themselves living uncomfortable lives at the mercy of the self righteous mob known as general society.
Now…we have depictions of oral sex, masturbation and close ups of glistening sex toys rolling off of beds..on the basic cable. Cuss words with more muscle than the formerly scandalous “Damn” are flowing free and frequent on nearly all shows. In  bigger screen movies, shots such as a close up of feces being wiped from a bare human posterior? Not a problem. The propping of “used” female sanitary items, the bobbing action of a young girls head below the groaning yaw of a lover? It’s “all good” in this society of “mature and realistic adults”.Life is Life, I realize it isn’t pretty all of the time.. if at all. My disgust boils hottest over our hypocrisy. Parents muttering over what their “babies” are being exposed to, in school at the mercy of “irresponsible” teachers. The social media witch-hunts we engage in when someone says something homophobic or allegedly bigoted. Blood vessels burst with folk screaming about how we are affecting our young with the words we speak at home. Yet, crude behavior like adult women (reality show style) cackling in public about carrying vibrators inside of them, we’re supposed to think has no affect on children trying to grow into decent human beings? We’re demonized for smoking around our children or for mistakenly saying the word “Oriental” instead of “Asian”, in our home. However, the message of oral sex being so casual of an act that it isn’t considered “real sex”…lol…that’s perfectly AOK to get out there to our young daughters?

Come on, now.
What changed in the short amount of years between strict enforcement and the current free styling? Did we wake up one morning and decide that the “greater good” of installing morals and etiquette was a worthless endeavor? If that is the case, what were all of those former laws for? Daughters who died in back alley abortions, because they failed to abide by the messages of who and how they were supposed to be and behave. What about them? Husbands who lost their income due to allegedly unpatriotic views spoken at a company dinner. Do we have some kind of financial reparation set aside for their families who were flung into the abyss of poverty (often for ever onward)? Of course not. People are punished, people are forgotten and we continue making our way through a never-ending river of crap legislation.
If it is a law born from the fickle tide of a popular culture, it’s illegitimate.
If the original reason for instituting it is based solely on the will of whoever has the biggest mouth at the time, it’s illegitimate.
The moral habits of passed generations are no longer relevant. Yet, the institution of rule makers remain to continue lording over us with ever-changing sets of rules. It’s as wrong and as ridiculous as anything can be. To even suggest certain laws are necessary for our well being, when they do not exist long enough to be taught from one generation to the other, seems like a twisted game. A game with no obvious purpose other than to better control us. Like we were pets or farm animals.
In closing this long rant of mine, laying aside the censorship theme, I present the case of President Richard Nixon Click here for Nixon’s impeachment and the executions of the Rosenbergs.
They are drops in an ocean of our history of severe punishments from often hypocritical and eventually ignored laws.
While they had broken important laws, no one can deny that similar laws-on deeper levels-are committed in front of our faces constantly. They are met with barely more response than  panel discussions and us grumbling at our TV or computer screens.
Blessed be the day we free ourselves from the illegitimate and petty laws that aren’t worth a damn. Better yet, blessed be the day we cease making them in the first damned place.

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