The Most Shameful Laws


Now.. laws concerning what we do within our sex lives.
The most insulting laws to survive into a modern society.  The most egregious law being entrapment- where a man finds himself punished because  he would have or could have knocked the kneecaps off of our pristine civilization by committing the action he was thinking about.
Other “woulda-coulda” piles include drug laws and traffic laws. I suspect that I will address these subsets at a later date. I will start with the sexual laws, which I find most loathsome. Running a close second is the rage I feel when I see human beings’ names printed for the gawking, nosy neighbors. Neighbors who would die on their feet if their own loved one were involved.

Click for One example of this heartless practice
Let’s consider the worn out and flimsy  arguments for this intrusive, destructive overreach.
-The existence of forced sex slavery.
-Prevention of STDs being transmitted to unsuspecting spouses from a stray partner who frequents the hooker dept. on Main.
-The large number of sex workers being abused as young children.
-A substantial number of sex workers being drug addicts or self abusers.
-Potential beatings and abuse from sex work agents (pimps) and/or Johns (my father, your husband, our brothers)

I  trust that I laid out the most common justifications for our systematic tearing apart of other human beings lives. Here go my two cents.
Forced sex slavery–  It’s an age old practice. Like slapping wives if they get “too lippy”, often by drunk husbands. We already have laws in place to deal with the violence concerning forced sex slavery. There are kidnapping laws. There are assault laws. Attempted murder, endangerment of minors, etc. It’s all there. Find the victim and shovel all the punishment you and god can afford to give the perpetrator. Heck, if caught in the act, I would fully support beating the ever living line of descendants out of him.
On the flip side (of my deep sarcasm, mind you) to make all things safe and equal, why stop with sex law legislation? Let’s carry the oversight further. Let it prevent other potentially dangerous circumstances. We can start by penalizing young ladies for dating the wrong type of man. I mean, there’s a good chance that she may unknowingly find an alcoholic fist in her face one day if she marries him. Wouldn’t it be so much better to prevent this at the earliest stages? So may ills in the world, so little prickish laws.
STDs brought home“So, you’d rather he screwed a co-worker or a family member for free? Is that it?”
Needless to say, my saying this  has never been too popular with the ladies. I will continue to say it as long as I have to suffer Mrs. Huff-n- Stuff start in on the evils of prostitution and why good men should continue to get legally torn wide open for doing what they wish to do as grown and free human beings.
To pretend it’s prostitutes where the greatest risks run is a bit ignorant.

Look at it like so:
In terms of dining, the unspoken rule is that you’re bound to experience a higher level of service at a restaurant. More smiles and individualized attention than, let’s say, Mama cooking your dinner in the kitchen. You know, professional butt kissing kind of cordiality in hopes of a better tip. Even the kitchens are required to be more sanitary. They have an interest in maintaining a good reputation. One too many complaints of unsanitary conditions and a few folks’ incomes are on the line. Chances are more likely that one would pick up a pesky cold bug from the unregulated home kitchen.
Most of us can not even afford to eat out, dears. I would suggest keeping an eye on the kitchens your wily spouse can waltz into, free of charge; co-workers, neighbors, your sisters, etc. Let’s stop pretending that wild eyed jealousy is not the seed of our fury, rather than the chance of securing STDs.
It is “Do you love her?!” and “What did she do that I didn’t?!!”  that can be heard screamed in homes across this world when secrets come out. Not ” When was the last time this tramp had her annual gynecological check-up?!!” or “Sweet god, PLEASE tell me she was clean!!”
Concerning those who earn their hard earned livings with THEIR bodies and the abuse they suffer as children-lumping in the substance abuse along with it.
You know what other establishments are rife with childhood and chemical abuse?
The Church. Any War.
Two institutions that aren’t being dissolved in any foreseeable future.
How splendid, if we would have dealt with the molestation of countless thousands of children (courtesy of the Church) with the same iron fisted determination as with prostitution. The lives we could have saved-the lifelong nightmares prevented.

Click for Long history of sexual child abuse by “holy” men
Imagine, sending in short statured undercover agents to act as children seeking priestly guidance. As soon as the priest takes the “child” by the hand to head somewhere to pray, the doors to the church getting kicked in. With several hundred years history of child rapes, if we were a society  diligent enough to automatically suspect the nature of priests. .leaving nothing to chance. That would be something wouldn’t it?
Because of the frequency of wars being waged and centuries engaged in these business ventures of horror, I doubt the sex industry can claim a greater number of drug and alcohol addicted souls. Young men sentenced to live, lifelong, with images of their comrades faces getting blown off. How ignorant of us- to ignore the addictions of generations of men escaping the psychic pain of war, while we hyper focus on a common byproduct of, frankly, more pleasurable pursuits. Children murdered and raped in foreign lands in the hellish atmosphere of war, that seems to figure in the equation as well, if one wishes to remark further on the sad topic of child abuse.
If only we focused our self righteous and preventative energies to preventing those atrocities. Imagine the miraculous improvements with those developments, hm?
It is and will remain nothing but an inexcusable  embarrassment as we continue rounding up men up for doing what men wish to do. Good men who work their fingers to the bone, feed their families and hurt no one. Men who weren’t blessed with superstar looks and have better things to accomplish than to primp and preen for the often pathetic dating pool. We should hang our beastly heads very low over ignoring men who have committed suicide because of the  humiliation suffered from their name being displayed in  local newspapers.

Sad example of one desperate man

Another soul..age 75

How do we have the nerve to punish a man for seeking out his private pleasure with money he has earned and choosing to do with HIS body parts as he wishes? It’s disgusting. Truly. It is. Are we THAT hung up with a bloodthirsty need to mangle those who get caught for things we secretly get away with?
It’s a practice that is about as ridiculous as legislation on whether a person wipes side to side or front to back, while going to the bathroom. Can you imagine the firestorm of protest if that were to happen; If some authoritarian committee felt it had it “up to here” with diseases that stem from improper hygiene? I would expect the heavens to burst wide open with the force of our shouts of outrage.
Then again, here we are. .putting up with some insane notion of our private body parts being regulated by other humans, without barely a peep.

As if living our lives as bought and paid for property was a sick obligation of some sort.


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