Silver Tongues, Black Hearted Men

Of course, we wish to teach our children to trust and believe that most of man is good.
However, it’s a serious injustice we commit by failing to teach them that men with the most beautiful words and seemingly most sincere intentions often hide the blackest of hearts. Their selfishness allows them to perfect the deception of purity and love for the sole purpose of satisfying their filthy intentions; no matter how gruesome the damage they do.
Although it wouldn’t be right to state that most of man is inclined to be this way, the amount of lifelong pain they inflict can touch many at a single time. Too often it’s a slaughtering of the soul without a single point of regret from those carelessly slithering their way to their next cheap thrill.
We can baby up all of the old fairy tales on not trusting all beautiful smiles and golden words, but we do have plenty of documentaries that can bring the message home.
“Holy Hell” is a good one.

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