From Tim to Trump

We’ll start with an article on YouTube censorship.
Read article here

The peacekeepers at YouTube, in gleaming armor and lances held high, let the world know they aren’t to be trifled with. Any monarchy could rest easy knowing they had such righteous and ready moderators at the ready. Without guidelines instructing us on what morals we’re supposed to have, where would we be?

There would probably be more videos slandering men, like the one being slandered in the video below, currently on YouTube.
I’m not speaking of slanders stemming from rumors of cheating on taxes or having a fur fetish.
I mean the harsh and intimate slandering of being a creep and sexually objectifying his daughter. A slander that would chill  the hearts of many fathers simply imagining being accused of such a thing.
No matter how ridiculous or litigious, most slanders can be dealt with in easy enough ways.
However, to spread rumors of a man touching his children with a certain degree of sexual intent, as is seen in the video.

…whether he is a an unemployed dad named Tim or whether he’s big shot Donald Trump…it can prove to be drastically insulting for some, if not devastating for others whose reputations risk destruction at the tongues of gossips.

If any beloved male in my life had the type of rumors  infecting his reputation, as in the doubt, a lot of hurt would be in play. Anger as well.


‘Tis all right. All Mighty YouTube should come swooping in to set things right, seeing how dedicated they are training and punishing  us into never hurting each other’s feelings or thinking the wrong ways.


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