Don’t mind me. I’m thinking of a slanderous video that I found on YouTube. They have their high and mighty policies over what they deem as irreprehensible behavior from us mere slugs who frequent their network.

Yet, a video accusing a father as sexually objectifying his daughter is allowed to play all day long.

Although, it shouldn’t come as such a shock. This is becoming the land where one can be socially lynched for calling a fat girl fat or looking at a woman in a wrong enough way to be JAILED over it. We’re being trained to mind each word that pops out of our faces because of the great social evil of”incendiary” speech.
But yet, we can have brick after brick of incendiary race articles crashing through our collective windows by the Collective Media, that’s AOK.
Between the internet channels and the nightly news, we’re being presented with one story right on the heels, it seems, of another on how we aren’t “getting along.” The violent threats, the blatant double standards, so forth and so on. Sensitivity this and Understanding that….
One story feeding the bonfire, after another.
One brother screaming at another. Threatening one another.

Sometimes, I wonder if this was how it was right before the Civil War officially started. Obviously, I’m not referencing the conversation between slave and master. I’m thinking from within the families.
The brave sons and fathers being forced apart due to the heated, incendiary propaganda tearing through the land at the time. When the majority of the nation was just like us now, on average. Simple  and hard working suckers  trying to feed our families and be left the hell alone. The average sucker having no more stakes in the big money game at that time than he does now.

I’m referring to the  time when brave white abolitionists were sacrificing their very lives to save the lives of slaves-only to have the great grandchildren of those slaves seethe with blind hatred for their great grandchildren because of the color of THEIR skin.

Where they at each other’s throats on a daily basis, as well? Arguing worthless philosophies while we have yet another Emergency Preparedness Executive Order  hustled into existence?

EO found here-Oct 2016-Space Weather

Was fear raging through the citizens because people were getting angrier and more inflamed towards one another? Screaming, with veins popping out upon their confused and furious foreheads….. to accomplish….absolutely…..nothing?

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