Damn You, Mambo de Chocobo!

Damn You (Thank you), Mambo de Chocobo!
Damn you and your entire nest of irresistible hip dipping beats.

Damn you for making me pause way too many times today and consider replaying FF2 or FF7 in their entirety; when it’s pretty well known that it took me way too many years to triumph over both..each.
Damn you for bringing a smile to my face as my heart floods with  video gaming memories through the years with my boys and children I had the honor of meeting.
And finally, you sassy bit o’ music, if there was a most “damnable” aspect,

it would be in art-such as yourself- helping to make my stay on Earth, as a ‘pretty nerd’, a more joyful one..a much brighter one.

The following videos are highly impressive symphonic treatments of video game music.

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