Too Confused to Feed Ourselves

Chocolate chip banana bread and bacon is what went down for breakfast today.
And why not?
We already know , or should know, about The almighty Food Pyramid having been a sham anyway. Washed into our heads as the end all and be all of healthy eating, all it did was pave the way for authoritarian noses to stick themselves into our lives, lecturing us…damning us, now, for being so fat.
So. In the meantime, take all the moments you can to light up the children’s eyes with surprise, calorie saturated breakfasts once in a while.
Who knows how long before we’re all forced/herded onto federally funded food assistance and then really told how and what we’re allowed to eat.

Banana bread recipe
Add a cup or so of chocolate chips for aforementioned chocolate chip 🍌 bread.

Following, is an article on the now worthless Food Pyramid replaced by a color coded My Plate-since we grown folk supposedly got too confused learning how to feed ourselves.

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