The Awful Ultimatum

The Ultimatum..the most selfish of habits we choose to perpetuate.
That sort of “if you do this then I won’t have to do that” kind of thing.
That has to go. Evaporate. Be “untaught” and “unthinked”-if we can try to be funny about it for a second.
Leveraging an ultimatum is literally one human being saying to another human being that….
“I would rather see you miserable and unhappy rather than let you grab your joy as your spirit sees fit.
I have no faith that you’re capable enough to find your way to reason by gentler or more independent means.
Not only that, but I will take away additional joys that you’ve acquired within the term of our friendship.
Joys which I had assured were things that you had earned. Joys I had declared to be defaulted within my settings of love to & for you.
Those joys you’ve obviously mistaken as concrete and unshakeable, I will take those away as well.
If you don’t do as I say..then I will destroy you, because I love you.”
That’s absolutely gotta go-the Awful Ultimatum.

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