A Lifetime of Work: Maria Reiche

Maria Reiche.
Hers is a story of incredible dedication. As a mathematician and archaeologist Maria spent fifty years exploring and offering what have to be considered the most logical explanations concerning the legendary Nazca lines.
Unfortunately, whenever the subject of these geoglyphs comes up, it’s usually wrapped in lots of U.F.O. conspiracies and “mysterious messages from on high”.
It’s a prime example of our preference for the more fantastical rather than factual. No matter how impossible or illogical, we hold onto these theories and still have the nerve to continue groaning and pounding walls demanding “the right answers” -when an intelligent and well respected individual already invested an entire lifetime towards providing the best of those very things.
Blind stubbornness.
How indignant we are when anyone suggests we’re not as intelligent as we say we are..as we’re eagerly spoon-feeding our young far fetched/half baked speculation in the course of “educating” them.

Read the following link for more information on Maria Reiche and her remarkable work.

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