The Obnoxious Holy


man makes a prayer with the Bible and with his hand raised*

I don’t think it’s a secret that many church goers hold themselves far above the rest of us. It’s in the way they peer at us with moist eyed pity if their hopeful “have you found Christ?” is answered with less enthusiasm than they desire. It’s in the way some lay their hands upon our shoulders, assuring us that god thinks “we’re okay anyway.”
On occasion, it’s with barely contained annoyance or anger if you happen to be caught, outnumbered in the midst of a herd.

I must admit there’s an impressive way they’ve been acknowledging past evil doings condoned by The Church throughout the centuries. They shake their head, with a ready and educated sounding apology for things done in the past. How much holier still they must feel outing their establishment to their modern siblings.
“See? Nothing to hide, but aren’t we all sinners in this world, capable of change, dear brother and sweet sister, amen?”

They count on news of a kinder and more ‘mature’ church being just the thing to draw the reluctant in. Yet, little is done to address the occasional social rudeness of the clique that persists to this day.

I will mind my words; I mean no disrespect for any human’s choice in general.
I will say, however, when I see that uppity harassment and belittling of us good folk who insist on being who we choose to be..a lot of them need a little hush time to be reminded of certain truths.
One of those truths is that their “state of grace” and world of judgement deserves no more respect nor heeding than what the “sinners” world has to offer.
I will say, without apology, that until they can root out  each grimy monster from the “hallowed halls of their superiority” the only decent thing for them to do is keep their unsolicited and overreaching opinions to themselves.

Considering each one of these creatures (article links at bottom of the page) were allowed to work their wicked ways while smiling their ‘pious’ smiles and impressing with their holy, deceitful words..I’d say the “high and mighty faithful” need a complete overhaul of their manners.
I understand it can feel really nifty being “above it all” in a divine teacher’s pet kind of way, sure. But when that purposeful blindness and exclusive ego results in our children getting brutally raped and murdered by one of their own, it’s a little more than a question of manners; it’s a flat out obligation.

There’s a little ditty about “glass houses” in The Good Book that may help tone down the obnoxiousness if reading the following examples doesn’t do it.
Sunday School Teacher raping/killing child
Infamous BTK serial killer

Wife murdered, stored in freezer by Preacher husband

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