A Hot Bunch o’ Hypocrites

I thought that when beautiful brown sisters climbed the stage to share in the spotlight with beautiful white sisters, all would finally be ‘fair’.
I see that’s not what’s going down.

Despite being the peanut butter colored  gal that I am, I’m highly peeved over this large-scale and near silent “phasing out” of the white woman’s representation in media imagery.
How can this be “fair” or “equal” on any sane or logical scale? It’s not.

This isn’t the Equality we’re nitpicking apart and being instigated into fighting each other over, is it?
It’s stone cold hypocritical. It feels downright spiteful-when you consider  how afraid we are to express an opinion anymore.
Let there be even the slightest suspicion  over, let’s say for instance,  manipulation of the image of a non-white? Watch out.
You won’t even be able to count the amount of ridiculous debates and angry accusations on how “racist” white people “are” that will follow.

Could you IMAGINE the uproar there would be if the concerns were reversed? If there was unfettered outrage over the beauty standard being primarily black? If celebrities were threatening action over their photos “being made to look too black”? omg.

You can almost feel Teutonic plates shifting as well, hm?

(I would have preferred to use appropriate quality clips found online, but I couldn’t find a single one of the original child- “Joanie”#1.
To keep things equal..as it should be..home fried presentations for both.
Many thanks for your patience)
These following snippets show even more than the tweaking of  shade in some lousy photo. A character was completely changed from, what appears to be, one ethnicity to another.

Video clip 1
An obviously White , red haired and blue eyed character daughter; who  resembles the birth mother
Video 2
…where the character daughter has completely morphed into a Hispanic looking, dark brown haired and eyed girl. Thus, “magically”  transformed, as if birthed straight from the hips of her stepmother. The Hispanic stepmother.

I’m sorry, that small example of blatant and commercial pandering is an insult. If not for the lack of respect for audience and”character continuity”….
…then for contributing to this creeping sense of “disposability” when referring to the value of the white members of our family.

For all the guilt that’s been shoved down our throats on what to say, when to say it and who to think it about.. how is it that a  character ethnicity change, such as the one described above, was executed so easily and there not be a fraction of bellyaching or complaint over it?
Because we truly are a hot bunch of hypocrites, that’s how.

(The show is “The Affair”, a good show. One of my top favs.
They’re simply doing their jobs {the actors} and making many of us happy.
They are not the manipulators and certainly not The Establishment as a controlling whole)

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