The Good Guy, Our Darth Vader

Long, long ago from an entertainment giant with a head jammed far, far inside its own keister..a spiteful wrong was committed against a good man.
Millions know him as the man who played Darth Vader, Mr. David Prowse.
You know, Darth Vader, the character which helped stuff the pockets of what many may consider to be one of the most unoriginal “talents” to have cobbled together success on account of an ability to mimic.
multiple film influences for Star Wars
from Lucas’s own words

“I am Your Father”
This is a documentary which..
-introduces us to the impressive actor David Prowse, his journey and outstanding citizenship.
-presents a shameful example of petty “grown” men who hang on to petty grudges.
Best of all, it’s an impressive example of one good hearted man’s determination to right a wrong committed against another good hearted man.

May the day come when our progeny automatically  fight for one another in such ways; even in a time far, far away ..when petty “giants and geniuses” are no longer richly rewarded for their spitefulness, never mind their unoriginality.

Now, let’s go see THE man himself David Prowse’s website

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