Reality Worse than any Handmaid

I can appreciate a writer taking the time to illustrate ‘real’ life parallels to works of futuristic fiction.
This following author suggests modern biological hazards and misfortunes as being relevant to the show “A Handmaids Tale” don’t need to expend quite so much imagination nor wander so far.

Within our current laws there are more legitimate and blatant threats concerning the so called and such feared “enslavement of women”.

Very real committees have been designated as the overseers of the lives of all females in our so called family.

They can be found, clear as day …on any day, within the countless executive orders that we’re either too lazy to read for ourselves or being distracted from reading. At the very worst, being groomed into being too ignorant to understand.

(For the children moaning over how the current administration is “abusing” women’s rights, as expected, I expect a little mature silence to realize these orders were snugly put into place way before “the other side” came back to rule; and sober understanding that each side IS One side would be much appreciated as well.)

THESE are the dangers that needed paying attention to. I place need into the past tense because they are set in stone now; our granddaughters unable to fight the future injustices because we their “strong, independent and justice seeking” foremothers didn’t have the guts nor wisdom to read between lines of legalese..that placed ownership of a woman’s life into the hands of nearly all others than our own.

These orders coupled with the uptick of mental illness diagnoses amongst women?…my god…a “Handmaids Tale” is the very last scenario to fear, never mind pondering and spinning over some tired environmental arguments.

Our personal weakness and delusional suckling on what Plato described as “lies of the soul”…that’s what will be our undoing.
We have handed over our lives, they’re not being stolen away.
And shame on us for allowing it.

Photo credit ideabug @gettyimages

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