No Lame Adults Encouraged to Join

Well and well. And here I was, last night, so darn excited about diving into a promising new werewolf game.


About an hour ago I was highly disappointed over not having my ten year old join me in this new multi-player VR game I caught wind of.

I’m so happy that he didn’t join me. If he had, we both would have been melting and mortified within minutes of arrival. With the room’s casual talk of “j—ing off”, belching and snide disregard of decent social etiquette, neither one of us would have felt enthused.

I included a video snippet of the crude conversations I’m glad I missed sharing with my child. The scene was cropped to eliminate nametag/identifiers. If you recognize a voice, don’t sweat it. No one went crying to report anything over here. I despise censorship, it’s not the solution to our eroded social body; it’s a long rotted core that needs tending to.

I’m merely an old fogey alerting other old fogeys on where they probably wouldn’t be of any use. And being an old fogey, I’m hopelessly stuck in the Dark Ages where language like this in front of strangers was attributed to so-called “pigs’ and the allegedly ill bred shameless.

We weren’t nearly as sophisticated in the matters of Keeping Things Real as many  boldly seem to think they are.

Maybe a new label is in order for the world of online gaming. Who knows.

Just like warnings for instances of sexual content and violence, maybe there should be one to discourage those past the age of adolescence from purchasing certain games. Something catchy like “No Lame Adults Encouraged to Join”-a comedic mercy for those of us trying to simply enjoy playing without fuss. At the same time, it could reinforce a sense of tech superiority for our young guns-considering how we’ve left them barely anything else to be ‘proud’ of.

It could save precious amounts of  time-weeding out the  tragically “uncool”. Or redirecting those with gaming skills  crippled by pesky things like.. full time jobs soaking up valuable practice hours.

There’d be less frustration over us fumbling around lost, wasting time. A condition, mind you, one doesn’t expect to be in after reading and rereading the tutorial. It’s time invested to avoid that awkward on-the-job training many have ended up going through anyway. The embarrassing truth burning through you when everyone’s ‘looking’ at you wondering what your malfunction is, because the tutorial …didn’t actually tell you HOW to play within the group.

I could have saved one young man’s precious breath, if I’d been warned by such a label. Twenty minutes of game information was  packaged up by him in the most “matter of fact” two minutes I’d ever been too uncomfortable to ask to have repeated. Yes, it would seem that the mics are sensitive enough to pick up subtle annoyed sighs and eye rolls, thus discouraging ongoing discussion.

It would have been nice to have saved my own self some embarrassment and aggravation, that’s for sure.

Sometimes, one needs to simply be content in the background, forking over the cash to provide Bobby and Suzie their ‘special places’. You know, in the public places where they can show off just how well we raised them.

photo credit MaryValery


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