Allumette..A MUST See

I used to bury myself in dozens of Viewmaster 3D reels as a child. My packets, mostly fairytales, would be stuffed into and taken out of my King Edward cigar boxes constantly.
I remember the awe I would feel each time my eyes would soak up the scenes. Despite being still shots, they felt magical compared to the comics and books I could be found in at other times.

Being 3D, I’d thrill at how different they appeared each time. Stars would twinkle just so. Mountains seemed ready to travel. I’d even suspected the characters would reach for my little hands to invite me in, if not for the need to keep their “true” abilities secret.
I loved them then and always will.

I experienced “Allumette” recently & my heart thrilled again , much like when I was a little girl.

What a tender, glorious and gorgeous delight this truly is.

I’ve provided a link regarding this next generation gem.

If you’re a Mommy or have known what it’s like to be cherished by one…you’ll want to see this.
If you’re a fan of delicate inspirational classical music and’ll want to see this.
If you haven’t experienced much beyond the typical video gaming fare (virtual or traditional)’ll absolutely need to see this.

As much as I’ve complained over the occasional brash or complicated nature of modern media , my heart bursts with joy over the exquisite and good gifts still brought to us by modern talent. 👌🏽
And yes…it did inspire a teardrop or two-in the most beautiful way.

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