Better Off Stupid?

Maybe it’s a good thing, how ignorant we’ve become. Otherwise, we’d be mortified over the seemingly trivial things that we allow and accept.

Undignified things such as a world ‘leader’ airing his alleged grievances and name calling like an unsophisticated pre teen via public social online media.

We wouldn’t be so accepting of the appalling habit directors now engage in of inserting at least one (seemingly mandatory) graphic vomiting scene in nearly every film. More intellectually astute minds appreciate and expect pleasant things to serve as reward for time and money spent, not filth that turns the stomach.

Merchandise in the form of smiling and wide eyed feces would horrify and disgust us, not encourage us to dig into our pockets for more money.

We would realize that the abuses we fling at one another over stereotyping are coming across as doubletalk type ramblings. With incessant sexual and classless behavior that is allowed,encouraged enthusiastically to be jammed into videos and songs, warping  the youngest minds, there exists  an unjustifiable amount of contradiction over that alone.

We may even start understanding the importance of how we present ourselves to others. Minding manners and such.

If our minds worked as they should, there wouldn’t be such an odd thing as labeling the socially timid as “mentally defective.” As a broader intellectual ability may have found kinder terms regarding a more appropriately stated “human condition”.
We wouldn’t dream of leaving our children’s lives and laws in the hands of institutions whose histories are rife with deceit and thievery.


We’d probably be less prone to demanding respect based solely on our ability to breathe air.
We’d be able to understand that, as all priceless things, Respect is not a cheap giveaway. The term “priceless” meaning how important it is, not how free it is. The very simple act of considering our fellow man is such a small cost  to pay for it. Truly it is.

We’re all human and we appreciate the good looking, the beautiful and neat. Whatever provides comfort and good things. If we could learn how to be willing to “sacrifice” in order to provide happiness for each other?

That would be nothing but a golden and sorely needed common courtesy. That’s all.
I truly hate to admit that maybe it is best that we’re in the state of ignorance we are.

It’s hard to imagine any of us left feeling comfortable within our own skin ..otherwise.

Photo by LoloStock


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