Amazon’s Amusing Boo Boo

In a world where we’re being told what to say and what to do like children, it’s great to find something to snicker over not at the expense of our privacy or pride.

In a world where we’re being banned, harassed and fingers wagged our way over the photos we choose to share and the words we choose to speak, why not have a guffaw or two?

Confused woman in bathtub with tablet computers

Especially when our seemingly unforgiveable mistakes aren’t nearly as ridiculous as others’ carelessly made ones are.

Here you go…a small sampling of an ongoing listing bug that no one seems to be obligated to correct.

Microsoft Edge 9_5_2017 8_22_33 AMMicrosoft Edge 9_5_2017 8_23_51 AMMicrosoft Edge 9_5_2017 8_25_04 AMMicrosoft Edge 9_5_2017 8_26_17 AMMicrosoft Edge 9_5_2017 8_27_18 AM
It’s okay.I love shopping on Amazon. It’s like a comedic intermission running across these things.
Maybe it’s been done for purposes too intricate for my domestic lay brain to understand.
It’s still worth a smirk or two.

Sarcastic Note: Note one shop’s highlighting of the “PER ROLL” specification concerning what the customer should expect for his money.
It was just too juicy to pass up in Imagination Land…..
That’s right Mister…you can march your little ‘something-for-nothing’ begging carcass on out of here..thinking you’re going to scam two rolls of masking tape out of us on the price of just one.
Nuh uh.
You’re gonna have to get up earlier than that , son, to pull one like THAT over on us.

Final sarcastic note: Obviously, they are results from a series of glitches. Obviously, they are mistakes more than likely associated with app bots.
Unless, of course, they’ve already been processed by billing reps-then, they’re crimes waiting to be discovered.

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