Theatric Garbage

I can’t help but wonder on how things would change if we ceased hooting, hollering and arguing over things the TPTB puppets do and say.
It’s not as if we haven’t already had decades of worthless promises crammed down our ever loving throat. How we can STILL be so naive and waste SO much of our time ranting about the theatrics of these cheap hooligans in expensive suits is beyond belief.
Leave it be.

They are going to do exactly as they’ve been directed to for a long time since and longer times to come.
Just let it be.

Laws that are so massive and far reaching…. embedded deeply and creeping into unrelated territory …that they are never

How much I wish we could cease acting like wild eyed and expectant animals over it.

The Patriot Act

The Anti Drug Abuse Act

Indefinite Detention

One gargantuan stomach turning load of bricks after another….that we pretend we have a say in.

It’s like Mama chopping off our leg. The dismemberment being the permanent laws forced upon us.
With Daddy and the rest of the dumbo family reassuring you that the thing will grow back.
The foolish time we waste arguing with each other, praying by our screens and upsetting one another by waiting for this impossible thing that never
Happens…..dear lord, it’s as hysterically embarrassing as us hopping frantically on that last leg and screeching about how Mama and Daddy lied to us.
Come on. We’re better than this.

If one bothers to actually read these monumental laws we’re forced into , one will come to realize that way too many laws and codes are set into place to be ABLE to change or “repeal” them.

They are not here to serve us. They are our overseers. It’s about time that we concentrated on our personal lives and spent precious energies on things we can change.
It would be a wonderful thing to see , if they had no more audience members wide eyed, jaws dropped like children waiting for miracles we’ll never

Creatures who enact laws that literally plummet us into financial ruin, without apology nor correction? Those are the type of creatures that will never
Do right by you.

The least we can do is train ourselves to ignore these made up puppets and their fake protestations and tail chasing dreck. Their stupid performances.
It’ll take a little time, but it would be quite interesting.

The best way to revolution is not by endangering ourselves with violence. Taking a cue from our overseers, I believe over time…we can eventually phase out their importance and cease getting worked up over nothing.
After all, a bully can be pretty shaken up when his victim no longer acts the fool as has been expected.

Let’s grow up and calm the anxiety levels.
How blessed it would be if at the very least we’d stop acting like gullible fools creating our own insult on top of  injury by continuing to allow these tricks think we are THAT ignorant as to keep believing as we do.
We’ve got so much more to tend to , in order to better ourselves, than this garbage.



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