To What End?

I have deep concern regarding articles such as the following 2015 one about violent fantasies and ASD males.
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Using the all mighty “experts” own list of ASD symptoms concerning habits and generalized patterns of behavior, I will first bring up that males with ASD are known to be more honest; often to a fault.

Do we really and truly believe for one  second that the majority of so-called “normal” men would readily confess to such a thing as violent sexual fantasies when asked to participate even in an anonymous study? Aren’t they allegedly the ones pulling the wool over our eyes with all kinds of lies from tall tales to the seat being left up in the bathroom?

What of the countless thousands of males in time of warfare raping and brutalizing women over the centuries over countless regions? I suppose these were done by, what?..primarily ancient Aspie Hordes rampaging across the terrain? It kind of tosses that whole “afraid of conflict” deal straight down the crapper, yeah?

The billion dollar video game industry with the Boobs and Blood; women getting stomped in the face in graphic fight scenes as well as the men characters. Were executives and owners strong armed into graphic content surrender by floods of petitions and protests by the ASD community? We can pose quite an impressive and sometimes intimidating force camped outside of Best Buy from time to time..but come on now.

Once again, to my confusion and ire, to what end are all of these extensive and broadcast analyses coming to?

I demand to know where this train is going. With “awareness” alarms sounding louder and more urgent with mushrooming stats, it’s damned near speeding to a vague “remedy” or “solution”.

Every parent..

Every spouse..

Every family member should be (should have BEEN) demanding to know.

Everybody, because I promise you there is barely an inch of “right” light many of us will be left standing safe within, avoiding the “catch ’em coming or going” diagnosis hustling that’s being done.

The train that I first jerked my head up over as I heard it screech out of the gates, riding hot on the rails of gun ownership and the definitions of “mentally ill.”..where the hell is it going?
Who is allowed and who is not.

All of these high and “mighty” shruggers of shoulders when the question of ASD’s origin comes up, what will be done with this information they’re so steadfastly collecting?

They snatched enough of us under one huge enough  umbrella, with that all-in-one bundling they pulled, the very least they owe us is a lousy clue as to what’s getting set to be rained down upon ours and our children’s heads.

photo by chagpg

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