What’s Wrong with Us?

I recently watched a segment on one of these true life murder shows.
It showed a victim’s liberation from a storage container; from the cutting of the locks on the door to finding her in chains.  Real footage.

I’m done asking “what’s wrong with the system” that is filtering tons of garbage through our eyes and ears.
We’ve always had a dark fascination. From the ancient days where we cheered humans getting mauled in coliseums to our current fascination with the most graphic of slasher films.

I’m not questioning behaviors that have been in play since we first put flipper to shore. It’s not that.

It’s the advanced erosion of what I believed was our humanity that is bothering me immensely.
I’m talking about the actions and reactions in the wake of loved ones being harmed and brutalized.

The details of family tragedies used to be somber and private matters. The details of loved ones suffering indignities were certainly not things openly discussed with strangers or curious onlookers.
Now, it’s not uncommon for brutal rapes to be told in graphic detail on the screen or the bloodied indignities of how corpses are found tortured or mutilated, airing at any time of day throughout the world of media.

What’s gone so drastically wrong with us that we allow the preparation of the final moments of our loved ones’ lives for entertainment?

I will assume family members’ permissions are still required in order for these stories to be told. We can be as dark as we want, but without the voluntary submission of these gruesome details ..I doubt there’d be enough fuel for these stories to reach the millions of screens as they do.

I can’t wrap my head around this accepted practice of knowingly placing the imagery of your loved one’s murder onto the mind’s stage of god knows how many strangers who get to produce god knows what with it.

Sometimes, we undergo stressful fights in court. Years can go by without justice, due to legal deficiencies.
In short, many of us have to fight to see justice done for our murdered loved ones. Many times such victories are acknowledged with habits. One of the more popular habits is to cast our eyes heavenward and exclaim how “proud” a deceased loved one “must be, watching and smiling looking down from above.”

Given the tearful sincerity with which this speculative fantasy is often proclaimed, I find it hard reconciling our current practices with it.
If we do indeed feel our loved ones are smiling and nodding grateful approval over the justices we fight for and achieve…..whatever in the world do we think they “feel” as they “watch” their final humiliations broadcast to millions?

Are we to believe they’re smiling over the fact that the world now also knows their underwear was stuffed into their mouths as they were fighting for their lives? Are they “up there” beaming with pride over the fact that the horrors they suffered will now serve as nightmares to many and sordid fodder for the most perverted of audience members alike?
We’re constantly bemoaning the collapsing society around us.
But what has happened to us that we’re so willing to donate sacred memories of our dead loved ones to such morbid exhibitions..often recycled as ugly and cheap thrills?


Photo by frankie’s

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