A Merciful Legalization

The following link holds one of the best  reasons to make prostitution legal.

ASD males are no less frustrated or pained over being forced to struggle through impossible to understand ‘rules’ simply to get sexual needs met than the spouses who live through the nightmare of being manipulated into a marriage void of affection, respect or hope.

In this case, to continue upholding illegitimate morality laws for the sake of “society’s” comfort…will be a very cruel thing. Especially when it affects,  and will increasingly affect for years to come, so many more issues on the mental health scene than one could possibly imagine..or many hearts will be able to stand.

The alleviation of high volumes of disappointment, depression and ruined trust caused by simple sexual pursuit? Can we imagine the time we’d save on both sides? My god, surely there are Holier-than-thou hearts out there SOMEWHERE who could spare some mercy on this one and understand the simple sense it would make.

It would be as if there was a ban on loving nannies for mothers who wish to have  children around (for whatever selfish reason ) but can’t hug them, encourage them or treat them kindly like children should be treated; it would be a despicable law like the laws forbidding sexual work freedom are .

‘Sorry’ but the conversation needs to begin in earnest. Especially with Marijuana being sprung out the way it has been.

Being ASD myself, I know not all issues will be settled but it would most certainly be a good start-as many wouldn’t feel the pressure to take the drastic steps to secure and struggle through relationships that they are not capable of understanding or are not comfortable with in the first place.

Salvaging years of happy and not wasted lives are worth more than moralistic finger wagging over mere hours of adults doing what adults should be able to do without big mouths having something to say on it.
It’s time.

photo By Bernd Jürgens

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