Grand Scale Slander

I ran across these words online.

“If you support Donald Trump at this point in his campaign, you are a bigot. You might as well admit it.”
“Donald Trump is a full-fledged bigot. If you support him, you are too.”

The full article
I eventually realized this wasn’t just another fed up citizen on some random blog.

It was written by Mr. Shaun King, a full fledged slanderer, by the look of things.

He’s in a position, as a public figure, to  potentially affect millions of people-from countless publications.
For being a man who took such care to harp upon the harmful insults of  Trump and his father, King didn’t lose a beat by potentially insulting millions of human beings from his self righteous pulpit.
My original charge was going to be that he’s a hypocrite.
But aren’t we all from time to time?

By the powers invested upon my eyes by Merriam Webster…. I present to you the

Definition of slander
1 :the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation
2 :a false and defamatory oral statement about a person

There won’t be any need for tire spinning arguments as far as politics is concerned.We’ve been manipulated into fighting amongst each other so damned long that it’s not worth another wasted breath.
There is, however, a need for more of us to speak up as we continue to get abused by those who are allowed to assault us-too many of us afraid to open our mouths because we’ve been beaten into submission via public shamings and character assassinations.


Let’s hope and pray that some poor Joe didn’t lose his job or wasn’t harrassed at work because either his boss or a co-worker (both of them seven cans short of a six pack) happened to take King’s little “fact” to heart after finding out Joe voted for Trump.

After all, slander is a suable offense.

You can look up the definition of “support” if you wish. Just know most of us do not make sure our definitions are nice and tidy before applying them to others. Simply casting a vote could be seen as enough “support” to warrant a visit to the town’s whipping post; because that’s what bigots are seen as, aren’t they? As criminals of the highest offense in the field of socio-politics.

I can just imagine what thoughts were generated from the reading of this article, things like….
How dare he say that about me when he doesn’t know a damned thing about my life.
How dare he say something this insulting when I am a Black man, Mexican grandmother or Chinese landowner. Am I not  entitled to my own opinions and reasons to do things without having someone ruin my reputation?
It’s why slander is a suable offense.
Where does he get off insisting upon the concrete of “you are a bigot” instead of the more forgivable “you may be“?

As inciting the latter statement may still be..there is, at the most merciful least, an opportunity for the accused to defend him or herself.

When we all rallied for “equal rights” and “justice”, the automatic assumption was that ALL of us were going to be regarded as humans worth respect by minding what we say…….the names we call them….the misrepresentations that can affect their lives.

In a land where we are so pathetically P.C. that apologetic warnings are presented with old time cartoons and films over “racial insensitivities”…yet today it’s all about the green light to insult potential millions at one pop as being no-doubt-about-it-bigots?

Placing broad and ugly labels on millions of well meaning and good living citizens?
Pure and simple.

Nothing but grand scale slander.

If someone were to get online and say something really ass backward stupid  like

“If you are considering going on a movie date with a black woman, I guarantee you she won’t be able to keep her mouth shut for two minutes at a time”

Twitter would light up with a tsunami of hate aimed at that individual so bad the nest would fry up.

Facebook would ban him and his children and their children’s children from opening accounts ever again.

News. Hate mail. Death threats. The works.

(  maybe we can trap the little fella in any one of these new hate laws popping up across the landscape, really stick it to him for daring to joke or state an opinion forged from his own personal and limited experiences.)

This slander? It’s nothing but a crying shame that we allow it.

And still..a suable offense.


Even more shameful? That  we’ve become the kind of individuals who’ve become comfortable generating it while being obnoxious enough to demand better from others-often under the threat of punishment.

photo By zzzdim



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