No Right to Judge

It will be a cold day in hell…with big muffs on my ears and my clenched up fists…before I EVER
accept that me and mine (ASD) are beholden to “act normal” in this society. A society that cranks out and consumes such obscene public garbage , with the enthusiasm that it does , has no right to judge…at all.

I draw attention not so much to the main article but to the page’s contents overall.

From the rotted head to the raggedy toes of this popular page, there is NOTHING upon this entire page (and countless other sites) that indicates nor justifies any of “Us” needing to “mind the manners” of our so called “social inadequacies.”
I chose this archived page with mention on the 2004 O’Reilly scandal as a reminder of his hypocritical position as “conservative” media’s protected “golden boy”. As you may know, his “issue” recently reared its ugly head again.

NOTE: Even if all of the accusations were complete hoohaw , his indignant and insulting rants are the LAST thing that should be seen on what’s touted as a “Christian and conservative value friendly” network.

There are no “good sides” folks. It’s merely one filthy media golem , split in two, playing both ends against the middle; gullible & confused Us.

photo by psdesign1

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