Before You Decide to Get that Diagnosis

There is something that I don’t think is thought of much before people seek and secure their diagnoses-how they can end up being  highly  devastating as well as merciful answers for others. To be sure, they need to  be considered and weighed with as much care as possible, like any important matter in this life.

Because you may very well end up being hated for the noises your feet make in the house.
Despite it having been made clear that you’re the one who will have to leave and take your worthless feet with you.

Because you may very well end up receiving only  continuous and silent stares in response to many  questions.
Despite the care you took to answer each and every question, sometimes without even being asked.

Because you may very well end up hearing that your love was never believed to be true.
Despite the many times you had been told that your love was what had
been this life’s blessing.

Because you may very well be told to “shut up”
in response to a particular set of tears you spend.
Despite the years of
being told that there was no need to waste precious time on fools in a world who made you cry.

Because eye rolls and exasperated sighs of annoyance show themselves in the bright sunlight. And often.
Despite being cleverly hidden behind  years of shy mumbled apologies and repeated requests for patience.

Because one day you could be very well be walked away from, without a second thought.
Despite having been told  so many times that Life would be not worth living without you.

And dreadfully..heartbreakingly…nightmarishly so…you may actually find yourself blindsided by your child asking why mommy or daddy is talking bad behind your back.
Despite how hard you tried , with the meager skills that you had in the first place, to ensure that nothing…but nothing would ever spoil their bond together.

photo By AZP Worldwide

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