Holy Spiced Bread Stuffing! It’s….

…Pilgrim’s Bounty again in the World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft 11_20_2017 7_33_40 PM
When you’re leveling up and you’re happy to find
at this time of year it’s not much of a grind.
When at dinner you’re Turkey and don’t really mind
‘cuz you’re guest of honor and not the edible kind.


Stay safe this holiday season,

Love from Ramsy and her toons of 13 years

Ramsina, Ramsyna, Ramzina, Winterr, Shooger, Spice and Romulette .

And our ‘newborn’ spawn..YeGodsmommy

(The Scryers)

Learn about Pilgrim’s Bounty on Wowhead.

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