Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

I’ll  let the title do most of the talking…

1. I think a good number of younger folk may be very intrigued by the title alone. Here’s hoping a little cultural art manipulation  captures a new fan from the current generation.

2. For those who know what a swell collection this actually is..I give you a tight hug and hope you enjoy it- despite the vinyl clicks and poplets.

3-We can even squeeze out  a bit of TV pop culture trivia if you like.

For those of us who are familiar with the old commercials on T.V., now you’ll know where that rousing tune from “Beef…It’s what’s for dinner.” came from. It’s from Aaron Copland’s composition “Hoe-down”.

The following is a list of what’s on side One of

” Slaughter on Tenth Avenue and other Ballet Selections” by RCA Victor

Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Arthur Fiedler.

Side 1
Richard Rogers
Band One-Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
Aaron Copland
Band Two-Rodeo (Waltz and Saturday Night Hoedown)
Leonard Bernstein
Band Three- Fancy Free (Galop, Waltz and Danzon)
Morton Gould
Band Four-Interplay (Gavotte and The Blues)

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