The Other Egg Hunt

Now that Easter has’s time to get down to some serious egg and bunny business on World of Warcraft.

The following was taken from the World of Warcraft guide site “WowHead“.

It has good tips on  spotting the popular eggs quicker and easier.

For the rest of the Noblegarden guide and more loot/quests info

click here


Brightly Colored Eggs

Players will be scurrying to hunt down Brightly Colored Eggs that spawn hidden in the starting areas of Azeroth:

Eggs can be found only in the starting areas. They may be crowded, but here are some tips to making your egg-hunting go smoothly:

  • Set your Environmental Detail and Ground Clutter settings down low, and zoom out. This will help you see eggs spawn before environmental objects like bushes or crates do.
  • Play around with camera angles–this will help you click on eggs even if you can’t see them.
  • Grab speed boosts so you can zip around between spawn points faster.
  • Azure Watch is considered to be the best place for the Alliance due to the frequency of spawn points and the out of the way location. Get to the Exodar by taking a Mage Portal, or the portal or boat from Darnassus.
  • Falconwing Square is considered to be the best place for the Horde due to its straightforward layout. Get to Silvermoon by taking a Mage Portal, or the portal from the Undercity.

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feature photo by one of my girls at play.

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