The Ever Watchful Eye Over “Defectives”

(featured photo By sdecoret )

Another time in history when concerns were running hot about the subject of mental defectives in our country.

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Photo taken from  “Immigration And The Prevention Of Insanity (Note 1)” at

following link.
By THOMAS W. SALMON. M.D., NEW YORK, Past Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Health Service ; Director of Special Studies, National Committee for Mental Hygiene.
Read at Mental Hygiene Conference, under auspices of Massachusetts Society for Mental Hygiene, Tremont Temple, Boston, April 2, 1913.

This is  Ellis Island.. where people were subject to

being suspected as mental defectives by the way they looked.

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An article which made me wonder how the eugenacist of old would feel about our continued research, diagnosing and pointing out of “mental deficiencies.”
Would there be applauding or pouting?

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