Laughing With the Homeless Guy

Close up portrait image of a homeless mature man, holding a cigarette and shouting.

in case the text can’t be easily read within the pic…

Laughing with the Homeless Guy

“Oh the angels get real dusted down here.”
the dirty face mumbled, teeth gnawing a hole into
the bag.
Self sealing features were obviously a special sort of hassle
Dirty Face didn’t wish to bother with. Not today anyway.
“Down here they get bruised, hunted, wasted, aced, iced..”
Dirty Face stopped on account of a really, really
long coughing fit.
“..mocked.” he managed to spit out, plucking a tiny
and wet feather from the tip of his tongue.
“Mocked.” I repeated.
“Exactly!” he laughed, appreciating my witty
and crooked compliment.
And I laughed, grateful that he still had enough
magic in him to make me
want to say it in the first place.

by Ramsy

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