Truth is the Truth in “I, Daniel Blake”

Regarding this film “I, Daniel Blake”

(the following taken from Wikipedia)…
Former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith referred to the film as unfair, aiming particular criticism at its portrayal of Jobcentrestaff, saying: “This idea that everybody is out to crunch you, I think it has really hurt Jobcentre staff who don’t see themselves as that.

In response, Producer Rebecca O’Brien responded by stating that Duncan Smith “is living in cloud cuckoo land.”

Good for her.

People like Duncan can whine and deny all things to do with “being seen unfairly” all they want. It doesn’t matter.
When it comes to the reality of the universal and often common senselessness of our hard handed systems…the Truth is the Truth.

The   same system  of mechanical apathy exists in this country as well as the country represented in the movie.

The film serves as a monumental testimony to the far reaching poison of needless intimidation and frustration, as far as I’m concerned.

Too many of us are  struggling to maintain whatever scraps of dignity we’ve been allowed to think we have “rights” to .

Too many to accept the loads of(often humiliating) disregard piled on top of it all, that’s for sure.

In this increasingly intimidating global environment, we the “little people” are constantly reminded of how we’re “not acting right”.

With our being strong-armed into “fixing”  ourselves according to standards and demands from the eternally running mouths of ‘authority’…

it’s nothing less than fair that we BEGIN to remind “them” of the same…

Because the truth IS the truth, just like when Enough is Enough.

featured photo By adzicnatasa

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