Open Letter to Directors about the Vomit

Why the vomit, folks?

Most importantly, if we cried out to you loud enough and showed enough desire to have this ugly practice eliminated…would you stop it?

Or is it a matter of you not being allowed to stop it?

By the frequency and the increasing attention to detail in the graphic representation of stomach contents, toilet angles, etc. I’m left shaking my head convinced you’re not allowed to stop it.

There is NO rational nor excusable reason to have 9 out of 10 films inject a graphic vomiting scene-as it seems to be these days. NONE.

If any of you were to pipe up with something to say about
…. “wanting to immerse the audience in a more realistic environment”
-then I would have to challenge each of you, ANY of you, to provide evidence of the average person’s day containing incidents of vomiting. It’s not this way…at all.
.”providing laughs”
-then I’d have to think each of you, or most of you, have a seriously warped idea about who we are as human beings. I would have to be sadly convinced that you find us so base and so animalistic as to find spewing the rancid contents of one’s stomach as something “funny”. We don’t…at all
….” offering a shock, surprise or unique element to the action.”
-then I’d have to laugh. With nearly every movie or show participating in this horrid
up-chuckery, it’s become a predictable and worn out element. There is nothing “surprising” about the vomit…not in the least.

IS it something that is taught in university if you’re pursuing a life in media?
IS there an  unknown clause in certain contracts that state you MUST have a vomiting scene in your work?

Is interjecting vomiting somehow tied to an organization or social cause like cancer awareness in which you’re secretly showing your support?

Are enough of you so contemptuous of us “little folk” that you take delight in making us cringe or uncomfortable? Is it simply that you can’t pass up the opportunity to add a little “zinger” like a quick and horrendous sucker punch to our sensibilities?

Or could it be possible that this was suggested from “on high” long enough ago that many of you, when pressed, truly can not remember why you do what you do with this obnoxious habit?

Being the followers that we are, perhaps it’s simply a matter of you having been told that successful films have always included vomit-it may have bothered you but you shrugged anyway thinking
“Who am I to question what works?” , it then being a simple case of “nasty monkey see, nasty monkey do”.

What is it? This foul  practice of yours.

The theories can range from believing there is an  agenda to desensitize us AWAY from movies all the way to  this being some sort of demonic requirement in a ritual for filmmakers…there are thousands of us who are left scratching our heads. Turning our faces. Being truly disgusted that you can’t seem to break from displaying something that serves no purpose what-so-ever. It distracts and disgusts. Those few seconds add nothing to the experience.

And it definitely disappoints us as we see what we thought was a first class director follow suit. Like an approval seeking head nodder instead of the independent spirit we mistook you for.

I’m not the only one who would like an answer.

But with no information as to why  a group of individuals would do something like this, unapologetically…with increasing frequency over the seems like it’s yet another thing we’ve been FORCED to look at.

Can you stop it? Like the ways some of you try to stop objectifying women or stereotyping ethnic groups in your work.

Do you want to stop it?
Or is the agenda so hidden and steeped in evil sarcasm that even you are at a loss to explain this horrifying ‘trend’?
Do you even care what your financial supporters (us movie goers) want or have you set yourself above us, like the rest of our alleged Global Establishment, considering us so dismissible that you’re not about to waste your time to account for this garbage?

What gives, dears? What in the hell is this vomit all about?

photo By Bits and Splits

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