An Aching Heart Shaped Box Soaked in Bleach

Listening to this treasure of a piece based on Kurt Cobain’s classic
“Heart Shaped Box”, my heart ached in all kinds of directions.

The original video


It aches for how he didn’t complete the rest of the journey with us.

How he didn’t get to raise his child with the rest of us. To feel the joy of her good times and kick back to gently bitch about the tiny things along the way as well. To see how far she flew.

How we’re not able to pop online and enjoy what was sure to be a sophisticated maturation of his songwriting spark. That would also be where we would have smiled over how Nature took exquisite care of him and that gorgeous face.

After he completed the youthful chapter, his true gentle soul and exceptional writing would have continued to complement each other. It would have been something we could have been a bit prouder to admit to our children..that yes, he’s one of Ours.

He wasn’t a graceless punk or a spiteful waste.
My heart will ache once in a while that much deeper knowing that is exactly what ripped him away from Us…without answering for it.

photo By bong

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