“Beat Saber” Calling Old 80s Kids Back to the Front

If you’re an original 80’s arcade kid and you find yourself watching the couch cushions grow smaller underneath you these days, having hung up your will to game many years ago…you better get off that fluffy hump and come back home.

I’m telling you, it’s really, really worthwhile in the VR arena.

You may lose a few pounds on top of it all  with a lot of these motion centered games.
You know..as a bonus.

You remember those, right?

This music beat game is called “Saber Beat”

My own beginning efforts are in the final video.

I’ll be sure to upload at a later date if I have the good fortune to be worth watching like the next couple of saber athletes.

Then, there’s lil ole me…safe in the “easy” level but fully intending to set some eyes on fire in “harmlessly mediocre” one day soon.

And no, I’m not blind..(it’s just a little tricky sometimes holding the walking cane and both controllers).


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