Don’t You Dare..

Constant and relentless assumptions within the boundaries of a relationship.
It’s like dipping a limb in a vat of acid over and over again.
Eventually, you’re drawing away nothing but bone.
Tolerate it long enough..and the entire system can go into shock and simply die.

You came to this earth to be respected for who you are, not mistreated as a bloodless fiction from someone’s imagination.
You have worked and struggled through this life to attain the peace of redemption and reward of growth, not to be insulted as if you were starting from square One.
You have accumulated experience and knowledge to share with others, not to be disregarded as having done and been nothing and nowhere.
You have battled demons; blistered scars on your feet testify to the difficult roads you chose to take in order to earn a good reputation and hard won blessings.

Don’t you dare allow careless and incessant judgements punish you for being
someone you would never be or for saying words that never formed in your mouth.

Don’t you dare allow someone who scoffs at the notion of an entire world of individuals having different experiences, emotions and opinions outside of her or his own make you feel so insignificant.

And Honey, above all, don’t you dare stay if it’s an ongoing thing.

In these modern times of greatly diminished face-to-face communications one can only imagine the havoc being wrecked upon countless and confused esteems.


These are  links to a couple of articles outlining the multiple ills that assumptions bring about.

A little something to ease your conscience when you decide to leave- when the ongoing assumptions turn into feeling  abusive.

As your presence was at the mercy of imagined beck and call ,
So will your absence  be regarded no thing at all.

photo By Chris Titze Imaging

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