Enough of the “Anti-Vaxxing” Hate Already

We should ask ourselves a small favor, if we could…

That favor being that more of us stop being so nasty, snide and horrible when confronting people who hold different viewpoints from our own.

The topic I refer to is the anti-vaccination/autism debate.

Specifically, too many of us are tearing people apart for their concerns/beliefs on it-referred to as “anti-vaxxers”. You know, the scores of decent  people called “crazy”, “stupid” or some other instantly messaged insult.
A favor especially necessary considering how many  of us  engage in this type of verbal lynching because everyone else is doing it..like a bunch of  bullying children; looking just as stone cold stupid as they claim “anti-vaxxers’ to be.

I’m going to present a few facts with highlighted sections (red rectangular outlines) with links to the original web sites where available.

I will try to limit my words and I thank you for your patience .

I’d like to acknowledge the exceptional article which piqued my interest enough for me to give writing this a shot. It’s definitely worth reading first -if only to help the highlights make best sense.

One  is a CDC .gov page
giving the official  “Vaccines are safe” explanation on why there’s “nothing to be concerned about” with Thimerosal .




Next are highlighted excerpts from “Alkyl Mercury-Induced Toxicity: Multiple Mechanisms of Action” from 2017

Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease


At the start of the Preface you’ll notice that there seems to be contradictory information compared to what the CDC currently (2018) has on its site( see above) re: ethylmercury not being harmful.

Well, except for a” little redness and swelling” after an injection.

Obviously, there’s a different story altogether concerning methylmercury and ethylmercury in the 45 page report.

( Excerpts from the report were copied from a PDF accessed offline- no web site link is available . )

The following is  from the Journal of Preventive Medicine on the toxic effects of Methylmercury



US National Library of Medicine

A little kindness, that’s all.

An open mind and maybe even a possible understanding as to why so many people are gravely concerned over the possibilities. .what’s wrong with that?

There’s enough of us acting as if we have no sense as it is. No heart. No class.

Surely, concerns can be voiced without slandering the intellectual reputations of reasonable people.

Especially when it involves questions over the discomfort  we endure or the chilling question of whether we have a say in what happens to  our own minds or not.

Despite the Mighty Media yawp over what both sides are fighting about..they refuse to “waste” time educating or updating us with news that TRULY matters in this psycho-socio-biological  epidemic.

We’re on our own with this one if we want to get any more information.

What a blessing if we could cease being the brats we are and help educate one another before even more humanity..civility…and sanity is allowed to bleed out.

But first..we have to listen. With respect.

feature photo By Krzysztof

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