Here Ya Go PETA

The snide post following this video was unapologetically inspired by the ” grown” adults at P.E.T.A throwing another tantrum to get their  way. Again.

Although I should be grateful that they didn’t physically assault or terrorize humans to do it. This time.


Just in case you ran out of things to whine about.
Let me help blow the whistle on another heartless packaging oversight.

That’s right PETA..the horror you are beholding is the depiction of two unfortunate and conjoined souls being manufactured into some ghoulish presentation of comical joy.
By the smiles blatantly drawn on, one could be horribly  misled into thinking that being born as a conjoined twin for a worm is less painful than any other living creature.
There are studies (which I will refuse to provide proof of) of earthworms uttering ear piercing screams of spine tingling proportions when listened in on with a high frequency wave doo hickey-ma-joog.

These obvious screams for help are during the deceptively calm looking process of regeneration after being smashed into halves by the reckless charges of  rogue sneakers and dress shoes  willy nilly on the sidewalks, as if they were the only living creatures to whom the sidewalks belonged.
Given the severe limitations of independent movement and the sharing of stressed flesh, one need not carry a science degree ( just a kind and beating heart) to understand the plight of the average conjoined earthworm and the stresses it struggles beneath each and every day ….in such a condition.
My GAWD….is there  no shame left on this earth?
What kind of world do we live where the tiny heartbeat of the brave earthworm can be so mercilessly mocked in such a way?


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