Dim..Dark..As if it Matters

I watched a good part of the confirmation hearings this morning.
(A look-see if you’re interested


One of the more ‘straighter” talking senators said something about The People (viewers) watching  and seeing their government in a “dimmer light”.

I didn’t know whether it was one of the most comical things I heard one of them say or simply sad.

A dimmer light? Seems to me the wick’s been snuffed out for many of us for a while now.

If we did look up from our tablets in shock over the in-fighting and other sad and silly displays..so what?
Are we truly supposed to think there is any concern over what we think?
Massive bills are passed on all aspects of our lives without preview or permission. That alone is a big clue to how much we aren’t a force to be concerned about.
While watching one rowdy citizen after another get escorted/hustled out of the building during the hearing,  I was reminded of children disrupting the parents and being shooed out without being heard.

No matter if we were seduced by some sweet fairy tale about the government “being ours” once upon a time, it’s not our place. It’s theirs.
It’s theirs to chit chat, ask each other questions, debate amongst themselves.
Pat each other on the back and impress each other with how much wind they can carry in each lung.

There’s no “Us” for miles..not without a stern security guard’s hand pushing on our disobedient back out into the hallway.

They haven’t cared if we see them in a dim light or no light what-so-ever.

It makes no difference.

This being said, I believe I can settle on it just being plain sad.
Like a mother wagging her finger at Papa over how the children will be affected over some trivial argument that was overheard..when Joe and Jane already spotted her hooking on the corner to support a crack habit years ago.
The damage is done.
And it’s not likely that she’s going to quit, even if everything came out. A type of mother having forgotten what mothers are supposed to represent and completely ignorant to (or dismissive of) the depth of her children’s loss of respect. And their simmering disgust.

I did get one bit of information to pass along. It’s one of those tidbits of news that could possibly allow many of us to cease raising our blood pressure over or getting into fights with one another over.
No, the president can NOT be indicted over anything while in office. Ever. Contrary to what we laymen and experts argue over, today’s “little” gathering settled that question. If you do watch the hearing, it was covered at length during Lindsey Graham’s turn chit chatting with Kavanaugh.

We’ve got better things to tend to in our individual lives than whooping and hollering over wrongdoings that will never be righted-angry and breathless little hamsters  knocking ourselves out on the same wildly spinning wheel.
We’ve got fields to plow in our own yards-not stand around waiting for a few magical beans to grow into some mighty beanstalk of justice.
Surely, after decades of watching countless infractions with nothing accomplished in the name of “justice” except publicized theatrics..we should be much more hep to there not being a Santa Clause or an isolated and self centered village of suits being ” employed in our service”.

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