So-Cray Bouquet o’ Creepy Carrots


You may be all about that

“Gonna do what I wanna do when I don’t wanna do it” thing,

but if you plan on applying it towards the planting of your first carrot patch..


When they say ” Space out and thin” they don’t mean frown at the green afro of sixty young carrot seedlings you obviously dumped into one hole and grab three handfuls out of that to replant into a few eventual bushes. means one by one or at most two by two.
Click Here for an article about spacing carrots.



(Permission is granted to reference my photos when you get to the article where the word “franken carrot” pops up.)
I got a few chuckles, sure. Like their  first harvest  strawberry siblings ( beauty queens compared), they taste awfully nice n pure. But darned if I know how I’m gonna swing for the orthopedics I obviously now need to acquire for a few of these….characters. Braces, tiny pantaloons and so on.


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