The Sin of Being Born Crazy


The Sin of Being Born Crazy

It would be a little bit funny if it weren’t so damned sad-
Us becoming reacquainted with the notions of Laziness and Stupidity.
After the words had been whitewashed so very clean
that they barely left a stain on the countertop.
Evil words, they told us. Hurtful words, they insisted.
With their solemn nods and folded hands over their fat bellies.
“You gotta listen to your Daddy,
you gotta mind the words from Mother,
Because good boys and girls don’t say
those things to one another.”
And then when it all seemed so bright and polite for the future..
BAM! We wake up. On the floor. Bruised and confused.
Mother’s foot on our neck and sounds of Daddy sawing the boards to go up
on the windows. Being told we’re bad because of the dirt we left behind.
Being told to shut up and hold our tongue when we try to protest that we would have if we could have and that we’d do it right now if they would give us a chance.
Being shoved into our corners. Kicking and screaming
over the insanity of being expected to clean up what we were told
didn’t exist. Never existed. But exists all the same. After all.
It would be a little bit funny if it weren’t so damned sad-
Us becoming acquainted with the sins of being born Crazy and Hopeless.

by Ramsy

photo by takasu


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