White Slaves Our Children Should Know

concept human trafficking,hand girl in shackle on isolate black background

This is the introduction page of a book.

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A book which we and our children NEED to read. Not “should” read. We NEED to read.

If only to stem the hemorrhaging of hate that’s been worked into our lives-concerning this  insane  manipulation of the ethnic races’ opinions of one another. From the grossly twisted affirmative action policies to the present day white apologists..who have not a thing to apologize for.

There are countless manipulations and actions that have been set into motion over the passed century because of this sick socio-political distortion.

I won’t ramble on this long list..today.

I’ll simply say that it will be a far different world when we surrender the offensive language of ” Look at what happened to Us…and what are You going to do about it?!”…..

….to embrace the TRUTH of “Look what They did to Me and You..and how are We going to get out of and through this together?”

BOTH of our mothers were raped and beaten.

Both of our fathers were shamed and killed.

In my book, that is enough reason to  reach for one another..not beat each other to death.



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