Public Comment (Welcomed?) Deadline April 15th

We claim that no one is upfront with us or that laws are passed without us being told.
In large and varied measure this can be true, but not always.
Many times, pending laws and changes are presented for the public to read and comment upon.
It’s a pity that we’re not given this type of news easily and in abundance -like the socially divisive garbage we’re bombarded with on a daily basis.
The trash is given quite freely. For news on laws concerning our lives? It’s time to grab a pair of boots and do a little bit of hiking for those.
Any way, this is one of them.

Microsoft Edge 2_5_2019 1_55_11 AM

Full text here

“In this proposed rulemaking, the Department of State proposes to exempt portions of the Email Archive Management Records, STATE-01, from certain provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974.”

For your ‘convenience’ and referral:
The Privacy Act of 1974.

Click to access USCODE-2012-title5-partI-chap5-subchapII-sec552a.pdf

The Public is invited to leave comments until April 15th 2019.

This is the place to comment

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